Consent/Authorisation Mandate

Before contacting any agency  (e.g. DWP ) or taking other action on behalf of the client, an CAB Adviser must ensure that the client signs a consent form, giving permission for the bureau or adviser to act on her/his behalf.  

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Caithness CAB Scams Prevention Guide – 2016

Produced with expert input from the Police, Trading Standards and Clydesdale Bank, this guide aims to raise awareness of current scams affecting the Caithness community and provides practical advice on how to avoid becoming the next victim of the scammers. Download your copy here or pick up a paper guide at Wick or Thurso CAB offices.

Caithness CAB – Scams Prevention Guide 2016

Tell your friends, tell your neighbours and spread the word that prevention is always better than cure. Caithness CAB would be happy to hear from you with any questions or concerns. Better safe than sorry. If the worst does happen and you have fallen victim to scammers, come and see us for advice. We provide free, impartial and confidential advice. Don’t suffer in silence. Together we can beat the scammers.